Understanding what is happening around you is the first essential step to long-term success for your brand. Media monitoring helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends without using up too much of your resources. 
Literally, Online media monitoring sprang out of traditional media monitoring (print, broadcast, wire). As such, it has been primarily used to help navigate the media relations side of public relations.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get started with Online media monitoring.

1.  Build a Strong Brand:
Online Media monitoring helps you to see what people think about your brand Online. Are they aware that your brand exists? Do they understand what your brand is about? Online Media monitoring enables you to spot any misconceptions so you can take action to correct them.In other words, Online media monitoring can help you spot mentions of your brand online and react to them accordingly.

2.  Manage your reputation and respond to crisis situations
With a media monitoring service, you can closely follow what is written about your company and what the tone of the discussion is. Speed is of the essence especially in social media where discussions – both positive and negative – arise quickly.
Online media monitoring can also help you avoid social media crises or any other problem that may happen around your brand online.

3.  Know your industry and competitors
Media monitoring is a simple way to find out about the latest developments in your industry: recognize future trends and predict possible spikes in demand for your products and services. When you see what’s coming, you can plan your strategy in advance and take action immediately when it’s timely. Additionally, online media monitoring provides quite valuable insights for competitive analysis.

4.  Measure the effectiveness of your communications
Online Media Monitoring is a great strategic tool to measure and improve the effectiveness of your communications. You can closely follow how much media attention your actions receive online. Do you reach your target audiences? Do you get the reaction you intended? Media monitoring data works as a reliable source for decision-making.
The best thing about a monitoring tool is convenience. It does all the (boring) manual tasks on your behalf. It collects and analyzes the data for you, stacks all the hits, and sends the report directly to your email at chosen times. Media monitoring saves your precious time and lets you focus on developing your strategy and planning future actions. The reports and analytics also help convince the company management. With the data, you can show that your PR has been profitable and you have achieved concrete results.

5.  Content creation
Creating relevant content is a great way to establish long-term relationships and trust with your customers. Your content should have value for them. It has to be something that will catch their attention and motivate them to engage. With media monitoring, you can discover what type of content your customers want and need, what platforms they use, and what format of content they prefer.

To sum up, one thing is for sure – Online Media Monitoring should be an essential part of your everyday work because this way you have the strongest chance of connecting with your target audience and attaining long-term success for your brand

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