BukiHQ Media for HER

“Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all kinds of oppression.”

— Nelson Mandela


Without mentoring, there would be neither grand discoveries nor growth. Because we know that everything in life can't be learnt from school, BukiHQ Media for Her offers personal brand building for young girls in their formative years between 13 and 18. 

HER Fund

The HER initiative is activated by a percentage of BukiHQ Media monthly retainers and is set aside to help and support the aspirations of our mentees. Our only request is that our mentees pay it forward by ensuring the amount provided is made available for other mentees.

Food Bank

In partnership with Lagos Food Bank Initiative —  a non-profit, private-driven initiative committed to feeding, organizing entrepreneurship training and job placement programs, BukiHQ Media for HER works with celebrity contributors to help this initiative. 

About our CSR

We are proud to announce  BukiHQ Media for HER. A concept which reflects our commitment to promoting the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality. 

BukiHQ Media is a woman-led PR firm with women making up 70% of its staff. We are proud to have these strong, hard-working and dedicated women who have in different ways, contributed to the growth and success of the company, from the management of several campaigns to the late nights. 

Our team of beautiful, resilient women include our Office Assistant, Blessing Igwe, always the first to report to work, ensure that the office is conducive for work at all times and sees to the needs of all staff; our Admin Manager, Bridget Akor, the go-to person for all stationery/logistics and beyond; Corporate Director/Human Resource Manager, Vivien Albert,  ensuring a smooth workflow, that all rules and regulatory procedures are met and is efficiently managing the people and culture of the BukiHQ Media Trybe. Head of Media Relations, Fola Folayan, and Media Relations Manager: Grace Ogbonnaya, young dynamic women whose capacity for growth continues to astound everyone; Publicist, Kehinde Ebezener , always ready to go. 

Her brilliant eye for strategy keeps us abreast of the competition and pushes us to do more; our Lead Copywriter, Katherine Obiang, who works remotely, very responsive to deliverables and is an intrinsic part of this amazing team. For us, she is just a call or a message away; our Clients Experience Manager, Folakemi Ajayi, who liaises effortlessly with our clients to make sure their needs are catered to; Uloma Herrington our capable head of legal; Gwen Ironsi the magnificent VP Strategy; and our CEO and Founder of BukiHQ Media, Bukola Sawyerr-Izeogu, whose eye for talent is unlike any other, whose tunnel vision is flawless as she co-ordinates the Trybe through the heads of departments and pushes the team to reach for heights yet undiscovered and whose modus operandi has positioned the company on the international map.

With a solid women-led company like BukiHQ Media, we believe that the realization of gender equality will empower women to achieve more outstanding feats. #BukiHQMediaforHER

If you would like to more information about our initiative please reach out via her@bukihq.com