We are a strategic, solutions-driven Public & Media Relations consultancy

We are the bridge between our clients and the general public, and we help shape the perception of our clients and their work through honest, creative, and effective use of communication tactics and channels.

We represent several award-winning clients across the globe.

We keep you relevant & newsworthy

In our pursuit to ensure our clients remain relevant and newsworthy at all times, we fastidiously execute our work guided by the CICIE model. This way we are able to consistently deliver Connection, Insight, Creativity, Innovation and Operational Excellence for our clients and the audiences that they seek to reach.


We are able to network effectively to gain clients, establish media contacts and build brand awareness with the public.

Creativity & Innovation

In a public relations context, the definition of creativity can appear elusive; “Creativity is not tactical or technical — it’s emotional.


We strive to keep our fingers on the pulse of all information across the globe so that our clients remain at the forefront of change.


Our operational excellence embraces certain principles and tools to create sustainable improvement within our organization.

More than just a PR agency

We are a few cuts above the rest. We provide brand solutions, creative campaigns & strategic alignments on the continent and for the continent.
BukiHQ Media – Beyond your expectations

The Solutions we have

“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.” – Ken Blanchard – Mollie Beck

Personal Brand PR

We create high profile personal brands for leaders, executives, celebrities & thought leaders through content, media coverage, keynotes etc

Corporate Brand PR

We aim to build overall public acceptance of corporations, clearing misconceptions and an advocacy approach for generating goodwill and enhancing reputation.

Event PR

We create different event strategies for leveraging promotional efforts. Whether for concerts, product/book launches, corporate, sports, non-profit or fundraising activity.

The Services We Offer

As a one-stop public and media relations company, we offer a range of expertise to help reach your brand and business goals, no matter how big or small.


Goals &objectives, Target Audience Litmus Test, Plans & Channels, SWOT Analysis

Publicity and Media Engagement:

Press Releases, press &media kits, interviews, articles, press conferences etc

Content Studio

Photo shoots, Brand Bible/Guidelines, Social Media Calendars, Look Books, Blogs/Websites etc

Online Reputation Management

Ensuring positive news and reviews are seen first about you in online searches.

Crisis Management

Identifying, Measuring, Monitoring, Fixing, Repairing, Preventing, Response Management etc

Media and Presentation Training

Training for Interacting with the Media, Presentation skills training and Public speaking training.

BukiHQ Media for HER

We are proud to announce BukiHQ Media for HER. A concept that reflects our commitment to promoting the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality.

"You are a woman; that is your superpower. Stop waiting to find the light at the end of the tunnel and be the light for yourself".

    Bukola Izeogu
    Bukola Izeogu

    Founder CEO

    "A woman is a true fighter; it's in her eyes. Don't forget, she wasn’t born strong, she was made strong. Never mistake her silence for weakness."


      VP, Communications

      “Being part of such a dynamic group of creatives is both a driver and an inspiration, more so over a time we elevate and celebrate each other."


        VP, Strategy

        "Today, we celebrate all the women around the world; We celebrate everything we have achieved and everything we are yet to achieve."


          Head, HR

          “As women, we need to know we are stronger together, breaking all glass ceilings for those coming behind us to flourish”


            Head, Legal

            “Where there is a woman, there is magic”. I stand with women around globe to shun discrimination and enable equality and inclusiveness."


              Client Experience

              Angelique Kidjo said, ”What we have to learn from the women of Africa is that every day is worth living.” We will live each day like it's worth living.


                Head, Media

                "All women should not accept anyone's definition of your life, never undermine your dreams, you are a SUPERWOMAN”



                  "I am a PR strategist, a lover, a dreamer, a fighter, a friend, a sister, strong, fearless, caring, supportive and everything else I can be."


                    Media Exec.

                    "A woman can achieve anything she sets her mind to, her worth is totally who she is. She is strong, she is focused, she is a Wonder-Woman"


                      Admin Manager

                      “For a gender that holds the world down, women deserve to be treated better, we deserve a seat at every table, not just some tables."


                        Content Manager

                        "Every human being is created with a purpose; something to lead them to greatness. Women need to make their mark on the earth."


                          Associate Accountant

                          "Just being a woman in itself is a superpower. Once you remember this, everything you want to do will be possible."


                            Office Assistant

                            A combination of strategists, publicists, designers, content creators working together to ensure you remain newsworthy & relevant always.

                            “Hire great people and give them freedom to be awesome.” - Andrew Mason

                            We have a team of highly cerebral and innovative individuals that package attractive and compelling content for media, driving engagement to create brand-centric conversation in the process while also increasing your reach and fostering brand preference. As a result, we engender brand curiosity.
                            We bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

                            Our people are:

                            Newsroom & Blog

                            We have worked with several news media on magazine covers, feature articles, tv and radio interviews across many countries and regions.