Data has overtime been introduced to every sector of work and business industry, the world over. It has shown how processed information can help guide in decision making as well as reporting, forecasting and generally gaining insights into pattern and experience.

Big data allows companies to take a closer look at the effectiveness of their public relations strategies and measure if their current methods are achieving the desired outcomes.

With Data, a PR agency can strategize more efficiently on approach to practices. This way, they make sense of systems that work, how to approach communication audience and so on.

Data in PR can be seen in the following:
Online and Social Media Statistics – Online analytics can tell you a lot about the traffic on your website, as well as to measure how effective your social media strategy is. For big data PR purposes, you might find it beneficial to gather insights on:

  • Ideal post length.
  • Best time of day – or week – to post.
  • Most engaging themes.
  • A total number of shares.
  • Message and voice consistency across social media channels

Analysis that delivers a complete view of your outline and social media presence enables you to refine the way you develop and distribute your online content.

Media Tracking and Brand Management: Data helps you monitor what is said about your company or communication you put out. When a press release or advertising or post is done, through data gathering, you can gauge reception and gather feedback. Monitoring the conversation and tracking media mentions can allow you to reshape your messaging if necessary, ensuring the best aspects of your brand are recognized by your audience.

Brand Awareness and Messaging:  Information like social media mentions and company reviews play into big data PR. Analysis of these types of user-generated content can serve as an indicator of your brand’s reach and whether your messaging is effective. Gathering data like this also allows you to keep your thumb on the latest industry news and creates opportunities to join the conversation.

Data-Driven Research: Researching the 5Ws and H can be done more efficiently through Data analysis. Understanding the target audience, right platform, as well as the right message, is made easier through data-driven research.

It pays to make more informed PR decisions using data on the clients’ audience, public perception, and forecast the right part to navigate in communication.

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