Ace award-winning Nollywood Actress and model, Linda Osifo adds another feather to her accomplishment cap as she becomes the brand ambassador for a foremost manufacturer of skincare products, Daraju Industries‘ newly launched skincare products, Fressia Skin Glow.

At the engagement signing ceremony at the company’s headquarters, the Corporate Head, HR/Admin, Mrs. Akindiya Dupe said the choice of the ace actress is based on the alignment between her personality; persona as an entertainer, and the Fressia Skin Glow brand identity. “Linda Osifo is truly a role model for many young ladies as she exemplifies an enviable symmetry between beauty and brains. As a corporate entity that supports women empowerment and promotes resourcefulness, her qualities and core values are the key factors worthy of our consideration in choosing a brand ambassador. The strategic fit with the Fressia Skin Glow brand is unarguably apt.”

In the same vein, the Brand Manager, Fressia, Ms. Kaviya Garg said “we are very excited to have Linda on board. When we were thinking about an ambassador, we really wanted someone who could embody this idea of raw natural beauty and she embodies that. You know, when you look good, you feel good and that’s what Fressia Skin Glow is all about. It is about empowering the woman by making her feel comfortable and beautiful. We are very happy that Linda aligns with our vision and our values.”

The Fressia Skin Glow which comes in two variants – Aloe Vera and Cocoa; with each variant moisturizing the skin and providing the needed nourishing substance to keep the skin glowing; products that are a result of in-depth consumer and market research to cater to ladies who are proud of their skin, who want to be comfortable with themselves and maintain their skin colour. According to Brand Manager Garg, the choice of the Nollywood actress as the face of the Fressia Skin Glow brand will inspire many young ladies of the caramel and ebony skin complexion to appreciate their beauty, be themselves and stay true to themselves. “There has been a lie that only fair skin is beautiful therefore many young ladies resort to bleaching and toning their skin, but true beauty is first appreciating who you are. It’s simply “be you” which is what Linda Osifo exemplifies. She maintains her complexion and stays true to her identity. This is exactly what the Fressia Skin Glow brand is about- “Be You”.

Linda Osifo, the ebony beauty who has opened up on several occasions about her frustrations as a dark-skinned woman who was discriminated for her skin colour, believes that her skin colour is a rare gift that exudes beauty and confidence so, trusting in the Fressia brand comes easy to her. She said, “Fressia Skin Glow is the exact replica of what my brand represents which is for people empowerment and youth impact. I know Fressia will have the right impact on our skin with Fressia Skin Glow. Being an ambassador for this brand is an opportunity I would like to expand, an opportunity I would like to use as a platform to open more doors. Fressia Skin Glow is not just a skincare product. it’s more than what you see beyond what the physical eyes can see. I know there’s so much that we will, and we can do. And this journey is just about to begin.”

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