Influencer marketing is pretty easy to understand. How this works is that you engage influencers who are popular within your target audience, they, in turn, spread the word about your product or service. One of the most common ways for influencers to spread the word about your product or service is through their social media accounts. Here is an example of how influencer engagement works on social media. A brand approaches a celebrity to endorse its product. The brand then pays the celebrity who then goes on their social media accounts to talk about the product.

Most times, with influencer engagement on social media, influencers do not have to be real-life celebrities. Brands may approach anyone with a large social media following to help market their product. A social media influencer with a large following means a large target market for the brand.

Influencer engagement is a subtler form of marketing. Because it is the influencer who is marketing the product, the audience does not feel like the brand is trying to sell to them hence customers do not feel hounded into purchasing a particular product. With their favourite influencer marketing a product, they feel safe.

Traditional forms of marketing are becoming less and less effective with brands looking for new outs to get their products out in the world. Influencer marketing is one way to go and people are becoming more accepting of this form of marketing.

Customers do not want business in their faces and definitely do not like it when you try hard to get them to make a purchase. Many online customers block website ads so they don’t get irritated by the ads. By using influencer marketing, a customer is more likely to feel relaxed than annoying website ads.

Social media influencer marketing captures the attention of internet users in more ways than paid ads on television. People have a short attention span as they might be on the move or busy, hence not paying attention to the advert on TV but with social media influencer marketing, you can capture the attention of customers as it is not as transient as paid ads on TV. Therefore influencer marketing is becoming widely accepted as brands are recruiting the services of social media influencers to market their products, building trust and brand loyalty along the way

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