Right after his unveiling as one of the performers at the UEFA Champions League finals 2023, multiple award-winning Afrofusion pioneer Burna Boy, releases brimming visuals for hit song ‘Rollercoaster’ featuring Colombian singer, songwriter and producer, J. Balvin — off his  impressive sixth studio album, Love, Damini. 

Shot at the Los Angeles Fayette theater in New Jersey, USA, and directed by Loris Russier, these visuals aptly narrate the heart of this tune by capturing lifestyle contradictions through warbled melodies that throw Burna’s usual sound structure out the window, letting his voice weave in, over and under, complimenting Balvin’s unique runs through the beats, in a style that’s incredibly original.

Constantly pushing the envelope in terms of global music collaborations, maturity looks good on him — that exact melange of confidence, swag and style which has engendered such a burning passion for his music and persona. 

Having mastered the art of creating original monologue sounds, and transforming deeply personal observations into gilded movements with dances that feel intimate, relatable and sexy all at once, Burna Boy assumes a new persona aided by the ‘Prince of Reggaeton’s ad libs, solidifying Burna’s position as a generational talent, an artist who translates his innermost sentiments into indelible moments.

With frames that capture the ‘Rollercoaster’ essence, the wildly talented Afrofusion pioneer is at his most intimate, with a suite of mid-tempo elevations that loop his vocal pace, charisma and emotional dynamics, placing him in the lineage of classic originals,  and even with the rollercoaster of emotions, the visuals stand on their own terms, ending with a freestyle. Two qualities describe Burna Boy’s ‘Rollercoaster’ visuals: otherworldly and relatable — qualities that set these visuals apart, a cut from the rest. 

“ Rollercoaster” visuals out today March 20