Undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s biggest musical exports, Afro-fusion musician, Burna Boy features in the popular bi-monthly digital British magazine “Dazed” where he shares insights about his superstar status, his quiet beginnings and the future of his sound.

The Grammy award winner who has a plethora of awards and recognition under his belt, toured different continents of the world in promotion of his recently released album ‘Love, Damini’.

The 31-year-old singer gives his two cents on his latest music project and how it offers a more graceful window into his mind:  “I tried to use this album to allow people to get closer to me” he says.

The Afro-fusion crooner also shares his dream of bringing continents closer together through his music; his ideology on politics — which is centered on peace; and the Endsars protest where in his own words, he says “My thoughts don’t matter. I’m not going to encourage young people to lose their lives anymore. When something is ready to happen, it will happen. With understanding comes readiness for action”.

Burna Boy, who stresses that he doesn’t want to be considered political anymore, as that wasn’t the plan, spoke on a varying  number of subjects which culminated into the singer’s core belief that his music would always be impactful and stand the test of time. “My music will be here long after I’m gone, even after my children’s children. It’s a stamp in time for those who have a reality like mine”.

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