5Five 4Four Limited (54 for short) is an African-oriented Nigerian Mixed MartialArts (MMA) professional promotion company, tailoring its productions, fights and events to not only Nigerians but  viewers on the African continent. 

54 aims to create a network to deliver quality talent and growth opportunities through innovative talent solutions for all stakeholders. With a mission to promote MMA and develop it into one of Nigeria’s major sports, the company engages not only in sporting promotions, sporting events, sports management brands,  products promotions and sponsorships; but also deals in recreational facilities, sports agency contracts, as well as import of sports equipment.

54 vision is to add value to creative online and offline content by harnessing local talent within the sporting community in every country they operate in, debuted their first ever production, ‘THE AFRICAN KNOCKOUT (AKO)’ SHOW — the first ever sports focused reality show engaging amateur Nigerian MMA fighters and turning them into professionals with the help of an international crew.  

This highly anticipated reality show which exclusively focused on spotlighting MMA talents across Africa, had over a period of 9 weeks discovered 14 amateur MMA fighters from all over Nigeria — all isolated in a closed camp where they trained, fought and survived the daily pressure of camp life — this adrenaline filled journey is broadcasted on DSTV SuperSport channels across 46 African countries from October till December 2020.

In 2021, Kamaru Usman The Nigerian Nightmare”, joined the team at 54 and AKO SHOW to lead the development of MMA in Nigeria and Africa. Usman, who is the number one ranked Pound-for-Pound fighter in the UFC and one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, has always been proud of his roots and is looking forward to being part of the process of  developing and honing the skills of indigenous athletes — a goal which aligns with the mission of 54 and AKO SHOW.

With Usman’s achievements, knowledge and leadership combined with 54 footprint, track record and infrastructure in Africa, the world’s fastest growing sport has now fully touched down in Nigeria, creating the relevant pathways for African athletes to exhibit their talents, image and professionalism, locally and globally. 

Starting from 2022, 54 is set to organize another trending event: ‘Face-Off Fight Night’ — a series of MMA fight nights in Lagos, Nigeria. Powered by the UFC Welterweight World Champion, ‘Face-Off Fight Night’, will feature MMA fighters from all over Africa, celebrities and special guests in an event that aims to promote the emerging MMA culture in Africa and cultivate a cult following of fans and enthusiasts in the entire African continent. The Face-Off Fight Night series is a way of promoting Lagos State as the MMA hub of Africa whilst making a statement that the African MMA community has indeed come of age. 

The Face-Off Fight Night series kicks off at The Grand African Ballroom of the Lagos Continental Hotel on January 7, 2022. This first Face-Off Fight Night will feature a series of activities leading up to an opening press conference, live training sessions with Kamaru Usman, five professional MMA fights featuring AKO Season 1 fighters, international fighters, DJ, music, entertainment breaks and many more.

The opening press conference slated for January 05, 2022, will be split into two sessions: The first session will be about the announcement of the event, 54 and Kamaru Usman strategic plans and global vision on MMA development in Nigeria and the sponsors, while the second session will be about the face-off fighters and weight-in ceremony.

We implore journalists and media personalities alike who are interested in the opportunity to meet and greet with the undefeated champion, Kamaru Usman to familiarize  themselves with the events ahead.

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