The world is giddy with captivating performances from the Afrofusion pioneer, Burna Boy as he takes over musically, on his Space Drift Tour 2021/2022.

After widely acclaimed and sold-out shows in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, the party, energy and gallantry continue with other countries waiting impatiently to escape into the wonderful world of Burna Boy and his inimitable music.

Stockholm and Paris were a vibe and a half for the African giant with energetic people grooving unabashedly to the gripping performance of this superstar who is known for captivating showcases. Other planned concerts for Burna Boy‘s Space Drift entourage include Cokofest Manchester on November 14, Ziggodome in the Amsterdam Arena on November 15, Munich, Germany on November 25, followed closely by another show, this time on November 27 at the Barclays Arena in Hamburg Germany, Geneva Arena on December 2, then he’ll close out his sensational tour when he performs at the Dublin Arena on December 4, 2021.

When this riveting musician takes the stage, he is a transformation to behold. Burna Boy is a star performer who, with the backing of a great band, his own band — the Outsiders, puts on a terrific show! Sounding great in all his prior concerts, Burna Boy has an enigmatic presence that gets the crowd going especially when he moves to them, almost as naturally as he was having fun, exactly like the audience.

Delivering an overall incredible performance with stuff which has been likened to magic, Burna Boy is known for two things as a performer: incredible energy and incredible music. For one who has been doing back-to-back shows, it is amazing and heartwarming to see that this talented performer still gives his 100% at every venue.

Photo Credit: @Elliothensford

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