In the world of Afrobeats and its exciting variations like Afropop, a wave of lively rhythm has spread across the globe. Guchi is a rising artist who creates music that resonates with her audience. Her music has made her incredibly popular in Nigeria, and she’s seen as one of the top emerging female artists in the country.

Guchi’s journey with music shows the strength of her passion and her consistent artistic approach. By mixing  Afrobeats with modern rhythms, her music captivated listeners from her first single “No Be Jazzy” in 2019 marking the beginning of her musical success.

Since her debut single four years ago, Guchi’s creative path has flourished, establishing her as one of the emerging female artists to look out for. With her EP “I am Guchi,” along with singles like “Benzema,” the TikTok sensation “Jennifer,” and her latest track “All over you,” she has earned widespread recognition and secured a coveted “Rookie of the Year” nomination at Nigeria’s esteemed music awards, “The Headies.”

Guchi is more than just a singer; she’s a leader amongst a new generation of Nigerian musicians who are shaping how the world views African music. Her rise demonstrates how music can unite people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. With new developments on the horizon and a growing global audience, she is poised to become a significant force in Nigerian music