Following the premiere of theĀ first 26 episodesĀ of theĀ Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? The Rebirth, Media service Company,Ā BLK HUT Media, the producers of the Show, have said that the Show, is harnessingĀ Nigeriaā€™s intellectual Capital.

The Company in a statement by itsĀ CEO Hakeem Condotti, said it believes that intellectual capital can serve as the foundation for futureĀ prosperity, this according to him, is the reason theĀ Who Wants To Be A MillionaireĀ Nigeria? The Rebirth show is knowledge intensive while also delivering entertainment and economic value to participants and the audience.

ā€œAfter the successful shooting and airing of theĀ first 26 episodes, in a 52-episode season, we are delighted that the show has remained consistent with our vision and those of our sponsors – Unified Payments, and other partners, to promote knowledge, provide entertainment and economic value.”Ā CondottiĀ stated.

ā€œFrom the stories of Doctors, attempting questions in fields of geography, economy, diplomacy, current and global affairs, Lawyers, attempting questions in the Sciences, Medicine, Environment, aviation among others, the variation and dynamism ofĀ Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? The Rebirth, is improving reading culture, supporting the development of education and knowledge advancementā€.

Condotti, said he believes that the introduction of special episodes, such as theĀ Childrenā€™sĀ special premiered in May, Celebrity SpecialĀ (WHO DESERVES TO BE A Millionaire?)Ā in support of several charities, the upcomingĀ Independence Day SpecialĀ to celebrate the countryā€™s Independence Day anniversary and others coming up later, has helped the game Show to maintain its place, as Nigeriaā€™s number one television game show.

ā€œOver the nextĀ 26 episodes, it is our firm commitment to keep our audience glued, with more action, excitement, new knowledge, intrigue and skills, such as critical thinking and self-confidence which are in high demand at this timeā€.

While restating their commitment toĀ impact and value addition, theĀ companyĀ said it will work to ensure that the show continues to deliver on its expectation, and expand its reach and participation. It encouraged more audience to take advantage of theĀ multiple engagementĀ opportunity that the show provides, such as the weekly play and a chance to play for the big prize ofĀ N20Million.TheĀ ā€˜Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? ā€™Ā Show, is under license byĀ Sony Pictures Television. The Show which is currently in itsĀ Series 2,Ā titledĀ The Rebirth, has a new prize money ofĀ N20MillionĀ and shows weekly prime time Sunday nights fromĀ 8.30pmĀ onĀ DSTV Africa Magic Showcase, Urban and Family, also on TVC, OnTV, Silverbird Network, Views Channel, and NTA nationally.

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