Talented MOBO award-winning singer/songwriter and producer, CalledOutMusic, is not only involved in making good music, but also knows how to thrill his fans with golden performances! The soft-spoken artist who started his self-titled Tour LIve 2022 in different cities around the world including Ottawa and Toronto, Canada; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Paris, France and London, UK — which began on July 23, 2022 and spanning through to September 30, 2022 — captivated the massive audiences with his ethereal music excellence, leaving fans screaming for more.

Calledout Music will be storming other European countries following his hugely sold-out Canada performances. Scheduled to perform live in  Amsterdam at the Dominion Centre on September 17, 2022, Paris on the 18th, Brussels on the 24th, and finally  London on March 4, 2023, CalledOutMusic is having the time of his life and his fans, a fantastic way to spend the holidays.

CalledOut Music released his third studio album titled “My Beautiful Reality”, on July 1, 2022 preceding “Portraits” which was released in 2020 and “In Due Time”,  in 2018. His Music career started off in 2016 after producing original songs for musicals for several years, his debut single, “Working on me” was released. Since then, CalledOutMusic has become one of the UK’s most sought after musicians, after releasing a vast and diverse musical collection and two successful albums, in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Here are the highlights from this epoch-making concert!

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