Multi-disciplinary personality, Derin Phillips is on a mission to empower creatives to pursue their artistry, improve their personal finances and productivity, at the same time provide accountability, financial management, and investment support for their creative careers and business, with the ultimate goal of financial freedom to live their best life.

Founder and CEO of Wavis Investment Ltd and CM Entertainment Ltd, Derin is a financial and investment manager who has a successful music career as a DJ, producer, and songwriter; making this multi-talented individual who picked up an interest in music during his time at the University of Reading, England where he bagged a degree in Economics and Finance and then trained at Point Blank Music College in Hoxton, Los Angeles, U.S.A; the perfect money-man. ”My mission is to help creatives make the work they do more sustainable. I understand what it means to be broke mentally and financially. I bring my creative industry expertise and my educational background in Finance to provide a unique perspective on music, the creative economy, financial empowerment, and real estate Investment”.

Popularly referred to as ‘special adviser to all creatives’ because of his uncanny and successful approach to helping people achieve their goals and transform their lives through his professional experience in developing and implementing business growth strategies from start to finish, this astute business leader, successful financial coach and entertainment/investment expert is poised to change the game with his immeasurable wealth of knowledge of the music business.


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