In further support to member states in risk communication, the African Union, whose aim is increased cooperation and integration of African states to drive Africa’s growth and economic development, is embarking on a continent-wide campaign on COVID-19 outbreak through The Covid-19 Response Campaign.

With the AU’s vision of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena, the objective of this campaign is to increase awareness and understanding of COVID-19 in Africa by sharing facts and debunking myths and false information using animation in four languages (English, Swahili, Portuguese & French) to push out the messages which will be aired on all Trace platforms.

Managing Director, Trace Anglophone West Africa, Sam Onyemelukwe articulates this when he says: ’’As many Africans start to believe that the Corona Virus is either not as bad as it was made to seem or thinking it is almost over, it is very important to let people know that the virus is very real and our behaviour will shape the next stage of the Pandemic.”

This is not the first alliance with the African Union; earlier in the year, it stimulated the live broadcast of the Africa Day concert 2020 on all Trace channels including TRACE Africa EN, TRACE Jama, TRACE Naija, Trace Mziki and TRACE Urban Africa channels and the Federal government of Nigeria recognised Trace’s endeavours in keeping the entertainment environment alive, in a letter of commendation for their avid support towards COVID-19 information dissemination.

Known therefore for its outstanding corporate social responsibility, Trace has put together four concepts;
Health which deals with how the youth can keep their mental health intact with limited socialisation but increased use of social media employment, which encapsulates how to still earn, contribute and gain some valuable life|work experience through volunteering to support health workers, online tutors etc; Education, as it comprises keeping in touch with friends by socialising, learning while maintaining social distancing by forming online study groups or enhancing a skill using social media platforms. Who says one cannot still socialise? Afterall online streamed parties have now become a trend so no fun is lost when maintaining social distance.

This effort by the collaboration between African Union and Trace is all in a bid to address the 3 broad key messages; safety measures, myths vs facts/ anti-stigmatization and key pillars for youth on how they can adapt to the pandemic.

This campaign will be televised across the below-listed TRACE regions on DSTV, STREET LIFE AFRICA, SUMMVIEW / MTN CI, EXCAF TELECOM, MALIVISION, CANAL+, EASY TV. 

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