This weekend was a Nigerian culinary awakening as renowned Nigerian-American culinary guru, Tunde Wey and American Sandwich Magazine came together in the most formidable alliance possible to create an unforgettable night of conversations.

With guests cut across different walks of life and hosted in traditionally African style amidst a gallery of traditionally designed walkways, local mats, kerosene lanterns and more, the night was perfect for breaking bread, sharing ideas and networking. Brilliant chef, Tunde Wey who outdid himself with a curated menu specifically designed to titilate the tastebuds included the local agege bread served with akara (beancake) and Sir Kensington’s Ketchup brand. 

With great food, comes great music and then great conversations. The night hosts, Tunde Wey and Ruth Gebreyesus, guest authors on the African Scramble edition of the Sandwich magazine which boasts of impressive contributions from African minds living in Africa on this project, highlighted the economic issues affecting Africa, Neocolonialism, Class disparities; all the while explaining the reason behind working only with Africans living in Africa for this special edition; the inflow of foreign currency into the economy to show that there’s more to Africa than corruption as perceived by the western world. 

According to Tunde, ”the African Scramble is basically a mix of African delicacies and it is my hope that events like this will further help address the narrative of classism and eventually change the perception of Africans and Africa”.

Known often to be controversial, whose political performance art with his food sets him apart, not apologising for who he is, Tunde brings this insight back home to Nigeria where his love of country, family and cooking is sacrosanct.

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