The world has been thrown into a whirlwind of activities since the advent of social media, only, now it’s moving at a much faster pace.

There is pressure on brands to make some room in the public space and stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. Surely, as a brand, you are unique, however, being ”unique” doesn’t just cut it. 

Having to prove to consumers who have countless options to choose from that you are the best choice can seem insanely impossible and nerve-racking. Being known is one thing; staying relevant as a brand is another and it doesn’t happen overnight. Strategic planning and execution have, however, proven to be amazing keys to the success of brand relevance.

In staying relevant and on course, core brand marketing steps are to be implemented and leveraged upon. What sets your brand apart is why you do it, not necessarily what you do. Leading with your purpose is therefore paramount. You could either Go Bold or Go Home, and for you to stand out, you have to stand up. 

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is an old saying that remains relevant, as tracking and understudying similar and competing brands better positions you to make proactive, competitive changes.

Just so you know, several competitors that you most likely have no clue about are watching you, and are learning from your strides too. Preparation goes a long way toward proper execution. The next opportunity will not readily give you a heads up before it pays a visit, therefore, being fully charged for action is highly recommended. This requires thinking ahead and being committed to your plan when the opportunity arises. 

Jack of all trade, master of none shouldn’t be your goal. Know a bit of everything and be a master of one, but most importantly know your limits. Know when to pause and rest. Don’t be ashamed of retreating. Admitting to not knowing something isn’t terrible. It is staying in ignorance that’s unacceptable.

Knowledge is Power. Get social; it’s where the people live. A place to reach the majority of your audience is social media. Don’t be afraid to put out a humble brag piece about what you know well! Focus on quality and inspire your followers. Lastly, always remember the ”BY DY” mantra – BE YOU! DO YOU!

Written by: Johnson, Michelle.

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