Afro-Jazz singer and songwriter, Nissi Ogulu, who released the audio to a classic single, ‘Hold‘ a few weeks ago, releases an equally phenomenal video for the addictive track.

Produced by Telz(Odunayo Alli) & DJ Walshy Fire and shot in London, the visuals for ‘hold‘ is all shades of happy. In scintillating frames that tell a compelling story of that inexplicable pull towards something you have no control of, the scenes come together in perfect visual harmony that leaves you with a feeling of contentment and deja vu.

This electric new video shot in London and directed by British born Nigerian & Egyptian photographer and creative director, Dalia Dias, is brilliantly executed β€” with visuals inspired by classic pieces interpreted from a simple story told by Nissi, woven with riveting scenes that tell you exactly what you need to know about ‘Hold‘. “From the moment I started to make this song as always I could visualise this choreographed movement of being in a maze with someone pulling at you while you try to find your way through all the obstacles in the escape room and after walking through a few treatments with directors, I was in love with the simplistic yet so beautiful and apt portrayal that the video gave in the almost broadway-esque setting of a musical performance in one take to capture all the feels and emotions“.

With β€˜Hold’, Nissi infuses her soothing vocals whilst visually telling the story you will find yourself watching repeatedly. Watch the β€˜Hold’ visuals across all digital platforms andΒ HERE.

Watch “Hold” Video Here

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