For many, creating a work-life balance in their everyday activities seems almost impossible. We are often dragged into the fast pace of the current digital world which calls for consistent strive for excellence and efficiency at work and in our everyday business life.“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is often the sitch seen, creating a declining level of inefficiency in the workplace. Is work-life balance a reality? Certainly! 

Here are a few tips that help: 

  • Detach Emotionally From Work

Emotions have a way of playing its way into our work mood especially when we feel overwhelmed. Remind yourself daily that “work is work”, emotions are temporal feelings and not necessarily what is applicable in a given situation.

  • Don’t Be A Loner

We spend about 70% or more of our time in the workplace. It is, therefore, important to build healthy friendships that do not interfere with the workflow. Sharing moments of fun can bring a level of balance.

  • Build On Your Creative Ability 

Creative activities have a way of giving the mind some level of fulfillment. Knowing that an idea was conceived and birthed counts for something, no matter how little or insignificant it seems.

  • Meditation

The ability to stay calm in a difficult situation is a gift but can be learned as well. Engage in stretch exercises, yoga, and mediation. These can bring the inner stillness needed to calm the storm.

  • Have A Good Laugh

It takes fewer muscles to smile and laugh than it is to frown. Why take the stress? LOL!

  • Be Unapologetically You

Identify the essential uniqueness you possess. Here are a few questions to help:

a.) What makes me feel authentic?

b.) What areas of my life, school, work, etc. come easy to me that most people find to be a struggle?

c.) What do I love to do? / What are my hobbies?

d.) What activities make me lose track of time?

e.) What’s my idea of a perfect day?

f.) What do people compliment me on frequently? 

Make the moment all about you…… and SHINE

Written by: Albert, Vivien.

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