Change they say, is the only constant thing in life. Perhaps, nothing evolves or changes structure as often as music. It is fluid, it transcends boundaries and breaks language barriers, and that is why we hum along to songs we do not necessarily speak or understand.

Popular songs such as Gangnam Style, Khona, or even more recently, Jerusalema are songs that pull us with their rhythm, the languages regardless. Music is life, and in whatever form or medium it is expressed, it is here to stay. 

The world screeched to a halt months ago in efforts to curtail the spread of coronavirus. Many industries took a hit, some even crashed because of the lockdown. The uncertainty that besieged this period made people find outlets for their fears and anxiety – writing, baking, reading, taking online courses, binging on social media, and so on became the order of the day. One thing didn’t take a break though, the music. Music kept the hope alive and more than ever, people paid attention to music and artists. 

The lockdown gave artists a new platform, a platform of an audience with undivided attention. People discovered new artists and new music, playlists were curated and shared. Quick-thinking musicians figured out ways to optimize the attention and engage their audience on their platforms. From Instagram, Facebook and Youtube live performances to Tiktok challenges, these platforms took the place of live concerts and performances. 

The amazing part was that everyone was quick to adjust to this new normal. People anticipated the live music battles between musicians and producers. It was indeed refreshing! 

The world is gradually opening up its economies and nobody knows when everything will go back to normal or if there ever will be “normalcy” again. This may be our new normal – whatever the case may be, the music will keep us company.

Written by: Oreoluwa Oluwadare.

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