Nigerian Afro-jazz singer-songwriter, Nissi releases a brand new rhythmic single, ‘Judi’, which essentially means ‘dance’ or more literally, “shake your bum” in Yoruba (one of the three main languages spoken in Nigeria and some parts of West Africa).

Produced by Kwame Yeboah,  ‘Judi’ is a happy, vibrant, and feel-good song that motivates people to embrace happiness at all times, regardless of any situation they find themselves in.

Directed by “The Alien”, the video which was shot in Nigeria’s busiest city, Lagos, portrays a rich Afrocentric style that has fast become the modern-day norm. The video admits familiar urban props and scenes peculiar to the metropolitan city, some of which are the yellow “danfo” buses.

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Judi’, Nissi said:

“Judi is a piece of a big jigsaw puzzle which highlights the importance of self-care. It intends to remind people to live life to the fullest despite the issues we face daily. There was that moment in my life when it felt like all I did was work and solve problems but never made time to enjoy life. ‘Judi’ encourages you to let loose sometimes, because the reality is, everyone goes through that phase at some point.”

The audio and visual of ‘Judi’ is out today, Thursday, June 18, 2020, and is available for streaming and download on all music platforms.

Enjoy ‘Judi’ here

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