Nigerian sensation Dami TNT ignites hearts and minds with his latest release, “Happy,” a powerful anthem reminding listeners to embrace joy regardless of life’s challenges. “Happy” is a song that uplifts spirits and spreads positivity far and wide.

The artist who is signed with Starstruck Management in his own words describes “Happy” as “a source of inspiration to people, a reminder for them to be happy no matter the circumstance.” With heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies, the song serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging listeners to find happiness in every moment.

Produced by the talented Dami TNT himself and co-produced by Oyewole “Larey” Adebayo, “Happy” showcases the artist’s musical prowess and creative vision. The collaboration between Dami TNT and Adebayo promises to deliver a musical masterpiece that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Accompanying the release of “Happy” is a visually stunning music video, themed “Happy and Dance,” directed by the renowned Gorilla Boy and styled by Papithestylist. The video promises to captivate viewers with its vibrant visuals and energetic choreography, bringing the song’s message of joy and celebration to life in vivid detail.

As Dami TNT continues to solidify his place as one of Nigeria’s most promising musical talents, “Happy” stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to spreading positivity through his artistry.

Join Dami TNT in spreading joy and happiness to the world.