Dr Ezekiel Adamu, a distinguished serial entrepreneur, investor, and visionary, is making waves in the event management, real estate, and tech industries. With a stellar reputation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr Ezekiel has successfully established himself as a trusted professional in these dynamic fields.

Born to Dr and Mrs Amos Adamu, Ezekiel’s journey towards success began with his education at Arwin College in Leicester City, followed by a degree in Computer Science from the University of Luton (now called Bedfordshire). Continuing his academic pursuits, he attained a Master’s degree in Financial Decision Analysis from the University of Portsmouth and a Doctorate of Science in Business Administration and Corporate Governance.

His entrepreneurial spirit ignited when he founded Balmoral Events and Halls, a venture that has flourished into a highly esteemed brand encompassing over five prestigious event centres and venues in Lagos. These include the iconic Balmoral Convention Centre in the heart of Victoria Island, Villa Valhalla, Balmoral Event Centre in Oregun, Balmoral Convention Centre at Sheraton, and the Mobile Tent Building and Installation services provided by Balmoral’s Mobile department.

With a strong focus on delivering exceptional service, Dr Ezekiel has forged partnerships and collaborations with professionals in the hospitality industry, event planners, government entities, stakeholders in real estate, and individuals seeking top-quality event management services. His intentional results orientation, passion, ambition, and relentless drive for upward mobility have positioned him as a leading advocate of excellence in his respective industries.

Not only is Dr Ezekiel a trailblazer in event management and real estate, but he is also a driving force behind notable festivals. He is one of the names behind the heritage festival known as L.I.F.E (Lagos Independence Festival of Excellence) and the co-founder of the Wonderland holiday festival.

Dr. Adamu’s visionary leadership and innovative approaches have garnered him widespread recognition and admiration within the industry. His astute business understanding and ability to envision transformative solutions have positioned him as a driving force behind the growth and development of the event management, real estate, and tech sectors.

As Dr Ezekiel Adamu continues to spearhead groundbreaking initiatives, his influence and impact on these industries are set to reach new heights. With a strong dedication to excellence, he remains committed to revolutionising event management, real estate, and tech landscapes, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards for success.