Nollywood actress, movie producer, and CEO of Temple Productions, Ego Boyo took the stage as a distinguished speaker at the Africa Soft Power Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda. The summit, running from May 23 to 27, brought together renowned individuals from various sectors to explore the transformative power of media and technology in shaping Africa’s future.

On Day Two of  the summit, Ego Boyo delivered a captivating address on the topic, “From Awareness to Action: How Changemakers Harness Media and Technology.” With her insightful perspectives and passion for positive change, she emphasized the crucial role media professionals and users play in driving meaningful impact in today’s world.

“As media users and professionals, we have to use our platforms to promote positive change and drive meaningful impact in the world around us,” said Ego Boyo during her speech. “Whether it be through raising awareness about important social issues, promoting diversity and inclusivity, or advocating for environmental sustainability, media can be a powerful tool for driving behavioural change.” she said 

Ego Boyo’s presence at the Africa Soft Power Summit not only highlighted her remarkable contributions to the Nigerian film industry but also showcased her dedication to leveraging media and technology for the betterment of society. Her extensive experience and success in the entertainment industry made her a valuable voice at the summit, inspiring attendees to harness the potential of media and technology as agents of change.

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