Maria Chike Benjamin, a successful businesswoman, was a guest on PlusTV Africa Lifestyle’s (WAYS) panel show to discuss gender equity for Nigerian women in leadership and business. Host Osayuwamen Saleh introduced Maria and fellow panelist Nneoma Effanga to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Maria began by distinguishing gender equity from gender equality and explaining how Nigerian women have been historically marginalized in leadership and business. She suggested increasing women’s representation in leadership positions and providing equal access to education, training, and financial resources. Addressing cultural and societal biases is also essential in promoting gender equality in Nigerian society.

Drawing from her experience in real estate, Maria shared the challenges she faced as a woman in a male-dominated field and how she overcame them. Effanga Nneoma joined the conversation, asking Maria how women can overcome impostor syndrome. Maria emphasized the importance of cultural diversity and continuously improving in one’s chosen field.

After an interactive session, the panelists agreed that women should support each other and deliberately work towards creating great portfolios for their fellow women. PlusTV Africa Lifestyle’s (WAYS) is a captivating panel show where young, intelligent, and vibrant women discuss issues affecting African youth.