Art is an expression or application of the human creative skill and imagination, typically in visual form such as painting or sculpture, and producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power is where the strength of Adeoluwa Okusaga popularly known as SAGA, lies.

This especially talented artist who now features prominently in the Nigerian Visual Art space, uses his paintings as a conduit for communicating emotions and reality to his audience, with the undeniable ability to connect his craft to his immediate and remote environment.

According to SAGA, he became passionate about drawing at a young age — a passion that fueled his decision to focus on developing his skills after graduating from the University of Lagos.

While in the Big Brother house, Saga did not only use the opportunity to showcase his talent by painting a few portraits of fellow housemates,  he also shone in all the art-related tasks and challenges in the house, winning them all.

SAGA’s artistic talent has caught the attention of Art lovers, curators, and his social media fans who have also become avid followers of his work. The celebrity recently took to his Instagram page to unveil three major artworks he did specifically for former Big Brother housemate, Frodd, which left both Frodd and the internet dumbfounded.

The post created vast engagements across different social media platforms with increased avidity in the minds of fans and lovers of Art as to what more Saga has in store to offer the world.

See photos of some of his stunning pieces below: