Nwakaego (Ego) Boyo 

Sharing her thoughts on the African International Film Festival ( AFRIFF)’s  controversial subject of the role of Film and Media in ensuring that women have good representation in the kind of content being produced, veteran Nollywood actress and women’s advocate, Ego Boyo left the audience with a lot to think about.

Speaking passionately about women and the stereotype the Nigerian movie industry projects on them based on the environment and cultural practices, Ego in reference to the United States, stated that American films are used to change mindsets. In her words “ To change society’s mindset, the industry has to create stories that portray women’s aspirations, normalizing women as CEOs, Bread winners and bosses even in the industry”.

Stressing on changing perspective and mindset, using film as a form of propaganda in portraying women in the way women should be seen giving them different face, the eloquent actress and producer believes strongly that “If we want to see equality in the world , we should show equality in what we produce”.

In addition to her stance on getting our mindsets right, Ego Boyo also stressed on the importance of finance in the filmmaking equation, as this tends to limit women, achieving their full potential — using the example of the need for women to be sensitized on ways to invest their finances and also, taught financial literacy at different levels.

Nwakaego (Ego) Boyo is a Nigerian Actor, Producer, Executive Producer and Creative Entrepreneur. Founder and Managing Director of Temple Productions and Temple Media — a production company based in Lagos, Ego believes in creating a positive image of women in films, that are not based on the normal African stereotype, depicting our women as jealous wives, backbiters, and wicked mothers- in-law.