Authony Azekwoh

Like a pencil in the hand of the creator, self-taught Digital artist and author, Anthony Azekwoh has proven himself to be a master of the visual Arts! At the age of 22, this young creative whose distinctive art style creates captivating mystical worlds where his characters are brought to life, shone brightly at one of his most recent projects — ‘Exclusive Black Edition’ — a definitive project that held popular music producer JAE5 spellbound.

JAE5, in amazement of Anthony’s clear strokes, design and depth, bought all four pieces of Anthony’s masterpieces at a token! Basking still in the euphoria of his discovery, JAE5 used the picture of the Lagbaja exclusive black edition as his profile picture on his Instagram page!

Speaking on the impact
‘The Exclusive Black Edition’ had on him, the budding artist who has invested his time and energy on the project, said:  “This has all sorts of emotions running through me. I put my heart and soul into these pieces all year and I couldn’t be happier that they’re going to someone who understands, appreciates and supports my work. It’s such an overwhelming experience for me”.

Anthony Ifechukwude Azekwoh is a digital artist and author who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. Entirely self-taught, Anthony first took an interest in writing at 13, and Art at 16 — initially drawing with ink pens on paper before moving to Adobe Photoshop where his unique art style possesses a stunning depth, so riveting,  it invites viewers to bask in his creations.