” Overthinking”

The many dynamics of the life and artistry of singer and songwriter, Nissi Ogulu — and her relentless desire to outdo herself, continue to illuminate her discography as a delight to music lovers across the world in her groovy new single, “Overthinking”.

Produced by East London-born producer, Jay Weathers, “Overthinking” is an interesting twist to Nissi’s artistry — a mix of her signature style with sprinkles of the highlife rhythm which delves deeper into the current sonic palette within today’s contemporary music as she explores life, love and self-development. According to the mellow-sounding artist, “Overthinking is more a less the beginning of a re-introduction to who I am. It’s inspired by the times that just have us all constantly in our heads about everything. I’ve learned a lot more about myself and the world around me, overthinking represents one of those things.”

The singer/songwriter and visual artist who recently opened the stage for Belgian singer, rapper, songwriter and producer, STROMAE on his US tour — covering San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities and wowed audiences across those cities with her signature vivacious performances is known for being the ever-dynamic creative, a perfectionist whose evergreen evolution remains the icing on the cake in her career.

Overthinking” is out today, November 9, 2022 on all digital platforms.