In an exciting musical venture that bridges continents and cultures, Kanika Kapoor, the celebrated Indian music artist, joins forces with Nigeria’s rising star, Ria Sean, to present their latest single, “Koka.” This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in Kanika Kapoor’s career as she penetrates the global independent music scene under her own imprint, Bajao Records.

Directed by Olu The Wave “Koka” emerges as a pioneering track that effortlessly blends the energetic beats of Punjab with the soul-stirring rhythms of Afrobeats, creating a unique sound that is set to take the global music charts by storm. Kanika Kapoor’s vocal prowess and Ria Sean’s mesmerizing voice bring this cross-cultural phenomenon to life, celebrating the unity and diversity of global music traditions.

The creative minds behind the composition of “Koka” include Kanika Kapoor, Ria Sean, and the talented Rishab Chaturvedi, making it a masterpiece of musical collaboration. The production team, comprising Saszy Afroshii, Ganesh Waghela, and Kanika Kapoor herself, ensures that the track delivers an unmatched auditory experience. The meticulous mixing and mastering by ARRON at LA Studios further elevate the song, promising a harmonious fusion of diverse musical elements.

Released under Bajao Records, “Koka” is a song and a visual feast, with its music video showcasing the colourful essence and cultural beauty of India and Nigeria. This release is poised to captivate listeners worldwide, offering a vibrant mix of melodies that appeal to a wide audience across different backgrounds.

“Koka” stands as a testament to the power of music to connect people, transcending geographical and cultural barriers. Kanika Kapoor and Ria Sean have set a new standard for international collaborations, creating a track that not only entertains but also unites.

As Kanika Kapoor steps back into the spotlight with “Koka,” she reaffirms her position as a boundary-pushing artist in the independent music domain. This collaboration with Ria Sean signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Bajao Records, promising more innovative musical projects that celebrate the rich diversity of global music.

Experience “Koka” and immerse yourself in the rhythm of unity and joy.