Fresh off the very successful Grand Excess Love Concert in Lome, Togo,  award-winning gospel singer and songwriter, Mercy Chinwo shares her unwavering faith in God through her latest single titled “Confidence.” 

The song, produced by Israel Dammy, and visuals directed by Pink, is a reflection of her unshakeable belief in God’s goodness and provision. According to Minister Mercy, the song was born during a challenging period in her life, which compelled her to trust Jesus entirely.

For Mercy Chinwo, “Confidence is more than just a song; it’s a call to action for her fans who have eagerly anticipated the release of this song — an invitation for them to put their trust in God completely. “Confidence” gives hope and assurance of who Christ is.”

Although the visuals  for CONFIDENCE have the subject matter of God being the ultimate support system, the video also shows how Mercy Chinwo is lending her voice to the voiceless,  encouraging them that it’s never too late to turn whatever disappointment they face into a blessing, that  with confidence in God, victory is certain. 

Minister Mercy, a light and  a voice for all who have dealt with heavy blows in any area of life, is reminding you all that irrespective of the challenges you experience, you can always find help in your faith in God.

For over a decade, the  award winning singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist has been setting the world on fire for God,  touring extensively and performing in prestigious venues like the OA Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Her commitment to sharing her message of faith and hope through music has made her a beloved figure in the gospel music industry.

“Confidence,” is now available on all digital platforms from March 25, 2023.