Multi-Talented singer and songwriter, Nissi is back with a brand new music video for her latest single “Overthinking” directed by The Alien. With this new release, Nissi shows a more vulnerable side of herself and invites fans to journey with her on this creative endeavour.

“Overthinking” — more than just a song, is a self-reflection and a declaration of Nissi’s personal growth. Inspired by the overwhelming thoughts that seem to consume us all, Nissi pours her heart and soul into this project, exploring themes of self-discovery and the human experience.

Shot in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa, the visuals for “Overthinking” bring Nissi’s emotions to life, capturing her voice’s raw energy and power. The Alien signature style and creative vision, paired with Nissi’s magnetic presence, come together seamlessly in a visual masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on her fans. In Nissi’s words: “Overthinking is more or less the beginning of a re-introduction to who I am. It’s inspired by the times that just have us all constantly in our heads about everything. I’ve learned a lot more about myself and the world around me, overthinking represents one of those things.”

Fans can expect to be transported to another world with this latest release, experiencing Nissi’s journey of self-discovery and growth through her music and the music video.

Overthinking” is out today Friday, February 3, 2023