Founders of Softcom Limited, Omoseinde Olobayo and Yomi Adedeji are the double technology gurus responsible for revamping, realigning and revolutionizing technology solutions in Nigeria, through one of their leading revolutionary products, “Eyowo”.

Fore more than seven years, the unrelenting duo has been invested committed to rendering service to the public through Technology Solutions — putting Nigeria on the international map.

Born and educated in Nigeria, Omoseindemi Olobayo and Yomi Adedeji procured bagged a Bachelors of Engineering  (Information and Communication Technology) and a Bachelors of Science degree in Management and information systems. Also, graduates of Stanford School of Business between 2016-2017 and Harvard University in 2019, the Strategy with a sprinkle of Engineering and IT graduates  decided Technology is the real deal — the future and a sure way to chart globally new paths with Nigeria as their hub.

Empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to sell better, identify people, control their money, and at the same time, make better growth decisions, Softcom Limited has redefined the provision of technology solutions for business owners in Nigeria, Africa and the world. Born from their desire to aid the growth of small-scale businesses to reach their full potential and their passion to invest in Nigeria their birth country, Yomi and Seinde have attained several feats in technology and have received accolades for them.

In 2017, Yomi was the guest speaker at the MTN foundation scholars alumni conference where he took beneficiaries and alumni of the MTN Foundation Scholarship scheme through tips for creating winning ideas. Nominated for 2019 for IT Personality of the Year Award by the ‘Nigeria Computer Society (NCS)’, Yomi believes in putting humanity first which led him to share his passions about this in his first story on his blog: “Putting Humanity First: Why Sustaining Collective Action Is Important”.

For his part, the second half of the duo, Seindemi Olobayo — an ardent supporter of Education in areas of technology, believes that Education can drive change in Nigeria — a passion of his which he shares — and that research around basic education and the possibilities of broad access should be looked into.

With the marriage of the passions of these Nigerian technology revolutionaries, what us certain is that investments and service rendering, which stand under the tech umbrella remains an ever-increasing circle.