‘UAR’ EP Cover

Soon after invading the minds of their fans and music lovers with the release of the cosmic audio and visuals for their hit single “Jealousy”, twin duo newbies, El’Vee release their highly anticipated debut EP,  ‘UAR’ — an acronym for ‘Unapologetic African Rhythms’.

U.A.R (Unapologetic African Rhythms) is a celebration of Africa — her rhythms and her strength that defines the essence of the continent. This debut project which reflects the liberation of women — with the intention to express femininity and sexuality, is a festival of sounds. Featuring the primary use of Afrobeats and a sprinkle of the Amapiano rhythm at its core, the “UAR”EP embodies seven songs; six of which are produced by Nigerian producers, Sparkzy and Ballertosh, also known as the ‘Lord of the Beats’ —  who seamlessly created a masterpiece of melody, style and sass to embody the themes of femininity and the African pride that are at the heart of the project.

El’Vee bring their A-game in the first track of the ‘UAR’ album, ‘Need you’ — a soft Afro RnB rhythmic love song, which talks about all the passions that come with it. Where these sirens put their foot down in ‘I Don’t Wanna’ — a melodious Afro RnB song that emphasizes feminism, a woman refusing to settle for less at the same time not wanting to lose love, ‘Ginger’ is the exact opposite as its strictly pick-me-up Afro-pop rhythm with matching melodies is brought to life by their vocals.

Other tracks on the EP are ‘Nkwa’, which taps into highlife music, underscoring their Igbo heritage, something to look out for in the song and ‘Gimme Dat’ — a track brimming with a beautiful blend of rhythm, melody and solid vocals. ‘Body Talk’ which closes out the EP  – is a delicate blend of Afro-Fusion and Amapiano, making this project relatable and easy to listen to.

Reflecting on the amount of work put into their debut project,  El’Vee says: “For this EP, we were wired for sound. It was recorded at a very agonizing time of our lives —planning a funeral, having experienced grief through the loss of our father.  The sheer fact that we were able to pour our hearts into this amazing project, emphasizes everything Afrobeats and this EP signify — a genre that represents hope and perseverance”.

Recall that “Jealousy”, the duo’s lead single from the EP was released last month accompanied by stunning visuals that have earned them accolades, made the world pay attention and cemented their place as headliners in the industry.

UAR” by El’vee Is out today, Thursday, November 10, 2022 on all digital platforms.