Shortly after being awarded ‘The leading Financial Trading brand of the year 2022’ by African Brands — a TV show that promotes African brands and it’s visibility, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist, Fure (Emmanuel) Eviosekwofa is pushing the envelope in Finance, Trading and digital influencing in Nigeria.

A graduate of Chemistry from Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo State, the technology solutions expert discovered his core passions which cut across Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Finance, and Tech, when he began  trading airtime and data in University. Because he had a natural leaning towards this, Fure’s love for Tech was stoked and like white on rice, he opened his first office as a data seller in a small one-room apartment. There was no stopping the young tech lover after that; Fure’s tunnel vision and  diligence at what he did was well-known during his university  years, which ultimately opened more opportunities for him because of the trust that his company, Furetin Data Services had earned on campus.

In 2016, Fure decided to delve further into digital assets and was successful trading gift cards, despite setbacks caused by his lack of experience at the time. in 2017, Fure launched Furetin Xchanger — a one-stop platform to buy, sell and exchange gift cards and cryptocurrency, born out of a necessity to satisfy the needs of customers from his data business who had now begun to request a reliable platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

Organically growing himself and his company, Fure took advantage of a trending multi-level marketing platform that allowed him to take advantage of their services without needing fiat currency and became an expert in his chosen field of cryptocurrency transactions. This unique experience inspired confidence in him to officially launch Furetin Xchanger “FUREX”, which currently has several high-profile influencers like IsokoBoy, Josh2funny and IsbeaU as brand ambassadors.

When he is not all Techy and immersed in his work, Fure is a lover of music, cars, basketball and is also a voracious reader.