According to Twitter had 241 million active users in 2014 and in 2017 had 336 million active *users* that spend over *7000 billion minutes per month* on Twitter.

Social media users are growing at such a fast rate and it is quickly becoming a norm for them to update their status through pictures, writing or videos about their daily activities. It’s important to be on social media to communicate effectively with your target audience because, with the help of the social media, a brand can establish the presence of stability and trust that most target audience seeks. These target audiences are already active members of different social media accounts, it helps to show the seriousness of any brand. Nowadays, when individuals that own startups or individuals that have already established brands try to advertise, for example using ‘word of mouth’. They walk up and say ‘hi, I have a kid shoe brand, it is called HappyFeet. We make shoes for babies from age 0 – 6years and we are based in Lagos’. A flier might be handed out, but the next possible question is ‘Are you on social media? Or ‘Do you have a page where I can view your work?’. Social media gives your brand recognition and an identity. Here a few reasons why your brand or business needs social media to flourish.

Great Content Creates Awareness
Creating good and shareable content can certainly increase your brand awareness and reach generating *Top of the Mind awareness* for your brand. Sharing quality content will help benefit your social exposure with likes, comments, and engagement. Ensuring that your content is unique and interesting will encourage more users to look forward to your content, follow, like and visit your website.

Build strong relationships
The interaction you have on social media is an opportunity for you to engage with your customers and demonstrate your customer service. Replying to their complains respectfully, Responding to their feedback and comments has potential to really enrich your brand and customer relations. This is also a fantastic way to show them that you genuinely care about their needs.

Obtain Customers Insight
Social media platforms generate a large amount of data about your existing and targeted customers. Behind all the numbers and data there is a wealth of free information about your customers.

(via:Twitter Analytics)


You can find out:
Who your customers are
Where they reside
What they expect from your brand
How they feel about your brand
Their likes, dislikes and much more.
If utilized properly, this information could be used to tailor your brand strategy which could help ease communication with your customers effectively.

Shortcut to Advertising
Other than utilizing social media as a way to engage and make connections with customers, these platforms also create opportunities for paid advertising through social media ads. You can create short marketing campaigns and gain broad visibility among your target audience. This is an inexpensive way to promote your business and share content with targeting options that can help you reach the right audience, and is a great way to generate genuine leads.

Temilouwa Tijani
Media Relations Executive
BHQ Media