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The beginning of the year is always a refreshing start. You get to plan accordingly for the year ahead. The many activities, celebrations, the public holidays, the little getaways, etc. But by the time May comes around we all – well if you’re like me – start checking for ticket prices for the Summer/ later half of the year. It’s time to plan what beach you are going to be laid across, where you plan to wind down and enjoy the summer breeze in the evenings, what locations will look dope in pictures and more.

Here are 5 simple tips on how to create content for your social media this Summer:

1. Catchy captions – Confused about a caption for a post? Don’t know what to tweet? With so many artistes releasing singles, albums and EP’s during the ember months, there’s bound to be some caption worthy lyrics that can come out of a song or two. Get a little help from your artiste of the month and credit them where necessary.

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2. Colors – You cannot go through the entire summer/ fall season without some bold colors. During these seasons, colors stand out more. It could be clothing, an accent wall, a car, etc. Your followers will instantly be attracted to your post once they see some color. Ladies, show off those bright pieces in your closet. Fellas, pull out the pink shorts or maroon pants and pair it with a white t-shirt and you’re good to go.

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3. Explore your surroundings – You’d be surprised how many picturesque places you are surrounded by. Focus more on your location and know that you don’t always have to travel out to get those out of this world phone images.

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4. Reading list – What books are you currently reading? Or have lined up for the season?
Share them. Your followers will be interested in the kind of books you have in your library.

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5. Make use of your IGTV/ IG story, Snapchat, Facebook Live, etc – people also love to see what’s currently going on with their followers. A play by play of events is always a fun way to keep your followers on social media interested in what you’re involved in. Don’t forget to take advantage of these features and use them well.

Olusayo Osinbowale
Lead Content PR
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