Grammy Award-winning Nigerian superstar Burna Boy has unveiled his latest single, “Higher,” an anthem of resilience and hope dedicated to his hometown, Port Harcourt. Accompanied by a powerful music video that premiered today, the track underscores Burna Boy’s deep-rooted commitment to giving back to his community through his Project PROTECT and collaboration with the charity organization The R.E.A.C.H.

The music video for “Higher” directed by Burna Boy and Asurf documents an emotional journey back to Port Harcourt, capturing Burna Boy’s direct involvement in community support & outreach. The video is a vivid depiction of the spirit of community and collective upliftment.

Founded by Burna Boy, Project PROTECT is a humanitarian effort that aligns closely with The R.E.A.C.H. to provide essential services to underserved populations in Nigeria. Through these initiatives, Burna Boy has touched the lives of thousands of individuals across 21 communities, showcasing his commitment to fostering change and supporting sustainable development in Nigerian society.

As Burna Boy continues to shine on the global stage, he remains deeply connected to his roots, leveraging his influence to advocate for and implement positive changes at home. This is highlighted in the upcoming biggest live dates of his career: a thrilling return to London, England’s London Stadium (June 29) and a landmark performance at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival on the Pyramid Stage (June 30).

Burna Boy’s profound impact as a philanthropist and artist was recognized earlier this year when he was named one of TIME100’s Most Influential People. His dedication to both his craft and his community sets him apart as a true leader and visionary, continually pushing boundaries in music and social responsibility.

“Higher” is out now on all streaming platforms