Seun Kuti has thrilled fans worldwide by announcing a groundbreaking collaboration with reggae superstar Damian Marley. Earlier, he announced that Lenny Kravitz will be executive producing his forthcoming album. On June 18th, he revealed through his social media handles that after a six-year hiatus, the two legendary music families are joining forces for the first time ever on a new record.

The upcoming track, titled “Dey,” will feature Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 alongside Damian Marley, promising a fusion of Afrobeat and reggae that is sure to resonate with fans across the globe. Seun Kuti expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, inviting everyone to check out the new single and support the movement.

Mark your calendars for June 26, 2024, as the release date for this historic musical alliance. Stay tuned to Seun Kuti’s social media channels for more updates and be ready to experience the powerful synergy of a Kuti and a Marley in “Dey.”